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Chaplaincy Programs


The original calling from God to Team Faith was to influence Pro racers to use thier God-given talent to glorify Him. Strategically, this is accomplished through our “Pit Pastors” who implement our Chaplaincy Programs at Pro events all over the US and Canada.

A Chaplain for the event has several duties:

  1. He is consistent to appear at each and every event in a particular Series on a particular circuit. Consistency is the only way we are able to gain the trust of the riders, mechanics, families and industry personnel that participate in the events. It may even take years to have a “spiritual breakthrough” on a Series, but rarely it happens unless the participants can come to know and depend on the Chaplain to be there when they feel a need to share thier lives with him.

  2. He preaches the Word of God Being bold enough to preach the Word is the only weapon against the enemy we have in our arsenal to thwart his efforts to keep this people group in the dark. Although many of these riders have not been to church because their lifestyle is to race every weekend, they are receptive to the Word of God. We have discovered that they truly desire to know God. Unfortunately, their perception of church, and ministers in particular is determined by what they have seen on TV, and heard about through the media. The true and living Word is the only thing that is capable of changing their perceptions.

  3. He prays for everyone and makes it known that he is available for prayer and counsel anytime Typically, we station our Pit Pastors near the staging area for each race during the event so as to maximize our impact to pray with each and every rider, provided they indeed request prayer. Most riders want to prayed for before entering the race course.

  4. He gets to know the riders and participants of the Series Practice sessions are a good time to casually mingle and get to know riders throughout the year as it is a low-stress event that riders are more at ease. There are other times a Pit Pastor will strategically make himself available throughout the event as well. It is the duty of each Pit Pastor to discern the best times to visit and socialize with the various members of the participants of each event, as to maximize his opportunities to be available for Christian Counsel to those individuals.

  5. He must share the Gospel At some point during the Series, a Pit Pastor must give an opportunity for the participants to respond to the Gospel.​


How are people going to be saved if they don’t hear the Gospel and have an opportunity to make a profession of their faith?

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